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  • Engage Employees

    Video is the future of corporate communications. Relay important messages company-wide through engaging videos that employees can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Accelerate Learning

    Improve employee competency faster through online training programs with on-demand accessibility at a reduced cost.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Leveraging the power of cloud for your video operations means improved performance and efficiency while lowering cost.

Plan Your Video Communications Strategy

Align your business goals with technology. Integrate best-of-breed systems. Craft a solution that drives competitive advantage. We can help you optimize your video communications strategy to achieve maximum engagement.

Design the Video Experience

Your videos need to be through a user interface that engages. Simple and intuitive user interfaces, easy navigation, and a friendly experience will ensure adoption. Rivet Logic can help design a UI/UX that users will love.

Implementing Your Video Communications Solution

Technology Selection

Choosing the right technologies to implement your Video Communication solution will determine much of your success. Rivet Logic has deep expertise in best-in-class video management and delivery technologies such as Crafter CMS, Box and AWS.

Full Lifecycle Implementation

Using an agile approach that meets requirements while minimizing risk, Rivet Logic utilizes proven video communication implementation practices that ensure success throughout requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and production rollout.

Collaborative Processes & Tools

Effective collaboration among all project team members can make or break a project.  Rivet Logic uses a proven process and the right mix of collaboration tools that provide transparency and ensure effective project wide communication.


Deploy and Manage Your Video Communications Solution

Rivet Logic can ensure your production rollout goes smoothly, and can provide a range of managed services and post-production support. Our Managed Services team provides expert application support so your internal IT team doesn’t have to.

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