Elastic Stack Consulting Services

Elastic search is a powerful search and analytics engine that centrally stores your valuable data so you can derive meaning from it. Used in conjunction with the Elastic Stack, businesses can securely take data from any source, in any format and search, analyze, and visualize in real time. With our team of certified Elastic experts, Rivet Logic serves as a trusted partner on your Elastic journey.


System logs contain a wealth of information. Aggregation and intelligent analysis brings even deeper operational insight.



Data and content are only valuable when they can be found. Enable your users to deliver and discover relevant content.



DATA VISUALIZATION Your data needs to be interpreted to understand its full meaning. Presenting your data graphically brings meaning and purpose.


Plan Your Elastic Stack Strategy

Align business goals with the Elastic Stack’s capabilities. Understand the use cases and how they fit within your business. We can help you plan your search and analytics strategy to get the most value out of your data.


Implement your Elastic Stack Solution

Our expert consultants can help you with a full range of implementation services, including new application development, migrating to Elastic Stack, and scaling existing deployments. Integrate Elastic Stack into your enterprise seamlessly, following industry best practices


Aggregate Your Data

Aggregate all your data sources so you can perform intelligent queries to gain even deeper insight. Rivet Logic has the expertise to aggregate and analyze your data to discover valuable insights to make better business decisions.


Manage Elastic Stack in Production

Looking for On-Premise or Cloud deployment? Or Hybrid Cloud? Rivet Logic can ensure your deployment meets your enterprise needs, and that your production rollout goes smoothly. We also offer a range of Managed Services and post-production support options.