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No Pain, No Gain: Why Digitizing Your Workplace is Worth the Effort

These days a truly flexible and agile workplace — one that helps your employees get their work done efficiently, with minimal roadblocks — calls for tools such as content management systems, digital experience platforms, mobile enhancements, cloud file-sharing, employee portals and enterprise social networks. Companies not planning to optimize such valuable tools should consider their continued development a wake-up call for the formation of a comprehensive new digital workplace strategy.

Viva la video: How Enterprise Video is Boosting Business Communications

As consumers increasingly count on streaming video for communications, education and other purposes, the demand for Enterprise Video and Enterprise Video platforms is ramping up exponentially. That’s why Enterprise Video platform methodology is being embraced by forward-thinking organizations across the globe, for purposes ranging from education to training to seismic improvements of their internal and external communications.

Bringing ‘em Back: Improving Customer Experiences Using Data and Analytics

Superior customer service has long been a catchphrase in business, but today’s digital innovations are taking that ideal to an all-new level. Now that sophisticated analytics tools can more accurately gauge and evaluate customer motivations and habits, companies are optimizing them to their full advantage to beat the competition in finding key customers, then keeping them engaged through highly personalized messaging. The goal: Seamless, friction-free interactions that remove barriers and build trust and loyalty with key customers.

It's All About Them: Digital Transformation and the Age of the Customer

These days, we're seeing the term "digital transformation" applied in myriad capacities across multiple industries. But there's no lack of clarity as to what it represents in the business world: The ability to optimize all the new and valuable technology that’s now available to your company's full advantage. That means not only installing impressive new tools, but fully understanding how they can improve your processes and products - and anticipating and embracing the company- wide changes that result.

Cloud-based Managed Services: How to Choose the Right Provider

The world is becoming more digital and more mobile, and for businesses, this means the need to cater to a global audience, with 24/7 accessibility. With the increasing number of systems to maintain, organizations are faced with growing IT spending in order to maintain the infrastructure necessary to support these complex systems, along with increasing operational costs in hiring and training of resources. Read this white paper and learn why organizations are increasingly turning to Managed Services to maximize the business value of their enterprise deployments.

Web CMS Buyer's Guide: 7 Key Ingredients to Choosing the Right Solution

The evolution of the Web over the years has deeply immersed us into a new era of engagement, and enterprises are striving to achieve higher levels of customer engagement across all of their online channels. Selecting the right Web CMS to build your solution upon is a critical component to its success. Now more than ever, your next Web CMS must enable you to fully manage and optimize the total Web experience of your target audience across multiple digital channels.

How Social Intranets Enable Smarter Enterprise Collaboration

Learn how building internal employee communities within the enterprise offers remarkable strategic advantages, including: 1) How to gain a competitive edge with enterprise collaboration; 2) Why organizations are turning to social intranets for addressing their enterprise needs; 3) Why a shift towards social is necessary; 4) Best practices and approach for a successful implementation and optimal user adoption

Vitalizing Content to Drive Social Customer Engagement

Consumers expect their online experiences to be seamless and omni-channel, filled with consistent and contextual data, all the while engaging them through bi-directional conversations. Learn how Vital Content can be used for building deeper relationships between content creators and consumers.